If you haven’t already noticed, my passion is the messy, beautiful, and complex process of change. The overlapping skills in this kind of work --- empathy and systems thinking, strategic planning and compassionate practices --- this intersection is my favorite area of practice. Whether it’s for an individual or an organization, this is the work that I find most rewarding.

At the moment, I’m in the midst of completing my MBA at the University of Washington while also running my consulting and coaching company. That doesn’t leave much time for recreation (said every grad student ever). But when I get a few moments, you can typically find me in a friend’s kitchen cooking yummy food together, or on a paddleboard floating somewhere around Seattle, or on my yoga mat.

I love the work that I get to do as a consultant and coach. It allows me a diverse and engaging portfolio of projects. Some highlights of my work over the past couple years:

  • Leading a cross-disciplinary think-tank of Puget Sounds area physicians and wellness leaders. Together, this group developed consultation services and programs that address burnout in healthcare centers nationwide.

  • Authoring The Change Agent’s Handbook

  • Speaking and teaching on topics of emotional intelligence, resilience, and mindfulness.

  • Developing and leading a six-week mindfulness program for the frontline caregivers at Seattle Children's Hospital.

  • Designing and delivering a 40-day online meditation challenge.

  • Mentoring and coaching entrepreneurs through the launch of their business, or through a major pivot of their business model.