What is The Change Agent's Handbook?


I want to change the world.
And I want to do it with you.

I think we do this messy, beautiful, 'change the world thing' best when we do it together.

You are a change agent.  Someone who wants to implement creative solutions to the messy conundrums of being alive: from the personal to the global. And just like the leaders and change agents before you, you realize that you need all the help you can get to spark, and then sustain, the change you want to make.

I am a change agent too.  I wrote a book.  It's a bit of a map, a bit of a tool box, a bit of a vision board, a collection of practices, a way for us to move forward.  It is the collaged, curated and cultivated work of the last fifteen years of my life as a healer, coach, artist and entrepreneur.  

I call it The Change Agent's Handbook.

I wrote the book to bring clarity, transform obstacles, and teach practices that empower agency. 

The Change Agent’s Handbook is an invitation to make a contribution in the world by first and foremost attending to our own integrity and authenticity. 

I am releasing The Change Agent's Handbook (one chapter and at a time) on Patreon (and with you!) because this is the most inclusive, vulnerable, crowd-sourced way I have found to do this work, to create communities of practice (you and people like you!), and to get this handbook off my desk and out into the world!

When you subscribe to my Patreon page (look to the right of the page for a full description of the available levels) you join an international movement of change makers as we month by month (chapter by chapter) make the change we wish to see in our lives and the world.

Change Agents are the change everyday. 

We’re up against the same challenges everyone faces, in whatever role we play, but we manage to make a difference not only by what we are doing, but by who we are being while we do it!

I think there is a big special kind of magic in this process of making change. I call this process walking the Sacred Path. Join me on the road.

Welcome Change Agent.  Let's begin.